15 Coolest Valentine gifts for him.

15 coolest Valentine gifts for him.

Valentine’s day is the day to express your love and show that you value and care the special bond. Gifts act as a bespoke tool to show that he matters. Here are some cool valentine gifts ideas we suggest you for him.

1. Watches

An elegant timepiece makes a perfect and personal gift for the man in your life. If you have a good budget you should definitely invest in it. He can wear this token on his arms and remember you every time he checks it.

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2. Self made Treats

It is quite true that the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Plus there is nothing more sweet than you investing yourself and your time for making a delicious treat for him to cherish the sweet bond you share.


3. A Plant or Sapling 

This is not a very popular gift but it’s as beautiful as it can be. The best part about it is when you see it grow it actually shows the progress of your relationship that is how far you have come. It’s just as comforting as a pet minus the maintenance.

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4Personalized goodies

Personalized items have a personal touch to it as the name suggests. It shows you care and the item is exclusive and belongs to you only. A personalized keychain, phone cover or even a pillow is a good idea.

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5. Handmade Cards 

The beauty of this gift is the effort you put in for him. The benefit it is you can make it as personal as you want to and add heartfelt messages to it.

6. Candles

This is yet another underestimated gift that hasn’t got very popular. This will make his room or office fragrant and your memories will keep lingering in the most pleasant way.

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7Bar-ware Gifts

If he likes to drink or does that regularly there are quite a lot items and goodies that you can gift and would look fancy. Champagne bottle openers, gins, tonics and wine trays and tables are just some of the examples.

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This will be perfect as you know the face cut and what would suit him. The ‘his type’ will also be easy to pick out of all the collections available. They are available for all budgets.
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9.Bow and Ties

This is a rather formal wear gift and would be fit if he is a businessman or does an office job. You can gift him premium wears and branded selections.

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10. Cuff links

This is another alternative in the styling category. It’s a better alternative if you don’t want to gift clothing item or it can be coupled with a shirt too.

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11. Photo frames

It is a gift option that never goes out of style. The best memories that you’ve made can be framed and presented.


12.Home decor items

This is another gift that is going to be with him in his living space. Items like pillows, bedspreads and blankets are a hit. You can also gift a love quote or an inspirational qoute that he swears by.

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13. Laptop sleeves

This might seem as a not so cool gift untill you check out the quirky and fun stuff available online. It definitely makes work less boring.

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14. Pens

Premium pens have always been top gifting items. Cross, Pierre Cardin, Parker to name a few. It not only looks posh but lasts long and is useful too.

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15. Men’s grooming products

Men’s grooming products are gaining a lot of limelight with every passing day. If he is someone who keeps beards or is the kind who grooms it quite often this will impress him. Brands like The Bodyshop do some of the best out there.

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