Firstly, for being healthy and have happy life you should know what ‘healthy’ means. Healthy is not just a fit body. It is of course being free from any disease but it also has a much more broader meaning to it. Healthy is being in the correct state of physical health, mental state included. You have to look after your mental wellbeing equally well. It included managing your emotional IQ, your expression and feelings and having understanding of why you are feeling what you are feeling.

Let’s read along on the simple rules, rather changes that helps us achieve health and happiness.

1. Drink Plentiful Water:-


You most definitely have heard this and read this everywhere ot somewhere but that’s how important it is. Water making up 70% of us requires to be prioritized.

The main thing about is how it helps in being health and happy. It keeps your nutrient flowing and does the transportation or the logoctics part in your body, be it transporting nutrients or driving out waste from the body. Because of this smooth flow of blood and liquids it keeps your skin healthy and beautiful.

2. ‘ME’ Time:-

It essentially means to be a bit selfish and concentrate only on yourself. During the day we catch ourselves fitting in multiple brackets of different relationships. It is important to keep some time aside for your own self to regain the individuality. This time can be about anything you like, your hobby of reading, painting, playing a sport or just unwinding by running a luxurious bath, a massage, or even wearing your favorite mask.

3. Watch what you eat:-


You don’t need to go on a stringent diet watching every piece of food you take. But you couldn’t be the person who doesn’t keep track of what you feed your body. You should make scope for incorporating some more greens on your plate. The simplest trick is to have a colorful plate, consisting of greens, reds, yellows and browns. Green or healthy doesn’t always mean non tasty food. You can couple the veggies in the form of salad with your meals. Raw tomatoes, cucumber, onions, lemon a sprinkle of rocksalt and a savory fresh salad is ready.

You should make a point to eat a dish full of fruits too. It is a win-win situation because fruits are so tasty and so healthy!

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4. Get some Zzzzz:-

Sleep is always said to have a magical power of healing us. It does not only improve the bodily repairing functions but also heals the emotional scars. It makes you forget your stress issues and does it’s silent treatment. Be sure to get ateast 7 hours of continuous sleep. Power naps is also a thing of healing sciences. Never hesitate to take one whenever you can.

5.  Portion your day


  • It is miraculous to see how much more space and hours get fitted in your day just by managing your time. It is literally like having some extra hours at the end if your sleeve. Portion your day in the manner of work, self time, exercise, non-screen time and spiritual time slots.
  • Note that non screen time should be preferably before your bedtime as you did not want to carry anything from the social media to your last thought for the day. Make a point to keep it away from your bed and indulge in some light reading or music.
  • Making lists or writing these portions down with prespecified time-slots makes work easier.