Bluestone Site Review
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1. Wide variety:-

BlueStone provides multiple options for a single family of jewelry and even has subsections in the sections. E.g.- Stylish earrings has options of:-
Studs, drops, everyday wear, office wear, ethnic, sui dhaga, pearl etc.
Each if this sections have a variety of designs to fulfill every basic and minute expectation of the customer .

2. Feature of chatting with experts:-

It has a very special feature of being able to chat with jewelry design experts. Often times the customer may have a query related to the product and want it to be answered immediately or wants to know more about the product or have a greater understanding of the product, the customer can know it through live chat feature. The customer has to enter details for being able to be contacted.

3. Next day delivery:-

It has an efficient team and delivery system which is able to commit to provide the product in just a day in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and other 3-tier cities. This feature can cater to those who want to buy jewelry in a short period of

4. Try before you buy:-

This feature can solve the problem of those customers who are yet to trust online purchases and are skeptical about online frauds. It is also an attractive feature because an expensive purchase might intrigue the customer to be fully satisfied first.

5. Exchange:-

The customer doesn’t have to worry about making a wrong purchase as he is assured through exchange policy and can even have have his money back in 30 days.

6. Customer segmentation:-

It does not only cater to women but also had a wide variety that caters to men and children. Special features like double lock for children are also present.

7. Jewelry:-

The jewelry sold on the site is all certified jewelry and gives additional options like office wear jewelry in all it’s segments and departments. It also gives a large range of information about it relating to weight, number of stones, clarity, type of stones, weight of metal, setting type, width etc. The detailed information satisfies the customer and doesn’t leave room for doubt.

Revenue Model:-

Sales revenue model
Bluestone has a sales revenue model because company derives it’s earnings from the volume of sales. It adds additional sales promotion tools like vouchers to increase the sales.

It does not advertise any other product or site on it’s page and only has it’s own products.
Transaction fees revenue model:-
Along with sales revenue model it also generates revenue through transaction fees model as it acts as an agent for the jewelry sellers who want to sell their items on this site.