Best Taller Looking Outfit Ideas For Short Height Girls

Height is the reason we think more about how to dress or what color to choose, to look fabulous and confident. Short girls try to focus because you are going to love this, as I am going to tell you few tips to look taller and sexy. Top 7 Outfit Ideas For Short Height Girls

1. High Waist 

Try to opt high waist trousers or skirts to make your legs look longer. This will create an illusion of your height with straight long legs. You can also try to put on a belt on waist to elongate your legs.

2. Choose Shoes Wisely 

Select your shoes of the same color as your tights, shorts or paints. Don’t go with matching your upper because it will distinguish your legs as our aim is longer legs or put on nude color heels to see drastic change.

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3. Tuck and Crop 

Tuck your shirt or t-shirt with crop jacket for visible waist. A good rule is that your top never covers your jean zipper. The curvy ones try this out to have visible curvy belly and it will make you look taller.

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4. Skirt and Dresses 

I would suggest you to wear A-line and pencil style dress or skirts with heels. I know heels you will think is not the best option but try it once you will observe the difference. It will help to make your calf look longer.

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5. Vertical Patterns

Vertical Patters Dress

Choose a dress, top or bottom with vertical pattern; it will help you look taller. Try long neck lines or scarfs to create vertical lines. Do up styles with puns or ponytails that can create height.

6. Asymmetrical Dresses

Look only for asymmetrical dresses because it gives shape to your body and illusion of your height, may it be a dress or skirt.

7. Detail free bottoms

Keep your bottoms till your ankles instead or detail free because it will give a rough look to your legs that won’t highlight your calf and combine it with nude or same color heels or flats.

Better follow the tips when going for shopping next time.