Discover These Sexy Hairstyles That Men Love

Hairstyles are the way to create an identity. Better hairstyle can give acumen about your persona. Looks makes the first impression of a person. You get the vibes from your appearance and hairstyles. It makes you more confident on your best hair day. I know bad hair days are the worst ones and i don’t think that girls want to be misjudged by people especially from men.

Women make their hairstyles in respect to their outfit but what if you try it according to your face. ‘Think, Think, Think…!’ Men like the look which is carried by you in a manner that makes you more elegant yet sexy. Select the hairstyles wisely as it is going to change your whole look.


1. The Blunts Lob


This hairstyle is with no layer. It helps your neck to look longer which I think is very attractive. Lob style is perfect for straight or frizzy hairs. Mostly preferred to keep the hairs straight or combine it with lip cut. It will help you to get rid of the stringy ends and gives you thicker hairs.

2. Super Long hairs


Long hairs never go out of fashion. Moreover, men love girls with long hairs. Lengthy hairs can be managed easily and there are number of styles you can opt as per the occasion, some of it is- the hunny bun, the twisted pony and many more.

3. Half Up Half Down


This hairstyle can be done with any length, hairs from shoulder length to long hairs. This hairstyle gives your facial features bold statement and will volumize the crown section of head. It is easy but classy style.

4. Bangs


Bangs are best with wavy hairs. It gives the messy look which is adored by every man. Messy is not always untidy it is the unique look you have that give you different swag. This hairstyle is best fitted with every outfit, highly recommended for college girls.

5. Wavy Hairs


The wavy hairstyle is the simple and elegant look anyone can carry. This look doesn’t take much time and can give you volumized hairs. It is perfect for all the seasons. Girls in college and school prefer this style because it seeks the attention of boys.

6. Undone Braid

The undone braid is the messy braid which manages your hairs and also gives you sober look. It is mostly combined with dress in routines or proms. The braids are of many type- regular three standards, fishtail, French, milkmaid and many more. 

 7. Messy Bun


Bun is best with medium or long hairs as it gives messy and volumized bun. Bun is most preferred by the girls. As I said messy is awesome for boys. Try it with shirts, sneakers, denim jackets, infinity scarfs for best looks. 

8. Curls

curls hairstyles


The curls can be in pony or open hairs, it looks great either way. Curl your hairs naturally or using curls straightener. If planning for a date night does consider this style you would love it. It is for every season but best for spring.

Hence, these were the best hairstyles you can try on this year to attract men and drive them crazy. I hope you will find your best style.