Running late for work? Well, everybody’s answer is yes. We all have same routine yet we run late despite that you had planned your morning before hitting bed. Here, I am sharing some tricks that I found very helpful to save time in the morning. These tricks will manage you with good looks, proper breakfast and many more. Check the tricky list out…

1. Try to have separate rack for formal clothes


Rather than deciding your outfit night before, try to have some time on your off days to plan for whole next week. This will save a lot more time you can even imagine. Always keep some extra outfits in the rack for the options. The rack should include all your accessories and foot wears. If possible try to label the sections or hangers with days of the week.




2. Shower before Cooking Breakfast


If you are planning to have head shower try to have it first because it will give you time to dry without using much of heat products while preparing the breakfast.



3. Placing Keys at Proper Place


Try to place the keys on the file or anything which you don’t want to forget because you would regret to rum back home to get that thing, like the yummy food you packed night before or your wallet.



4. Leftovers for Breakfast


Cooking the food in the morning will consume your time. Best way is to have the dinner leftover in the breakfast. You can even try an instant cook recipe for the leftover.




5. Sleep in Workout Outfit

If you have routine for workout in the morning prefer to wear them as night dress. This can even help you not to skip the gym and you won’t take much time for the routine.



6. Avoid Snooze 

Your alarm is to wake you up on time hitting snooze will take your 5-10 minutes which can disturb your whole schedule resulting in delay. Try to use alarm wisely.



7. Notes to Remember

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Try to use stick notes on fridge or closet as it will remind you of important task that you don’t want to forget. Reminders can be on your mobile too which can give you a buzz on time.



8. Manage your Commute

If you are travelling by private car then try to have your tea or coffee while driving or if you are going by cab then do your hairs, makeup or tie in it. If taking train or bus check your emails or social account there. Listening to headlines is also the best way via radio to keep you up-to-date while utilizing time.

9. Keep Check on Weather 

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On the night before check the weather forecast according to which you can schedule the routine if it is a rainy morning.



10. Have a Coffee Maker 


Buy yourself a coffee maker and prepare it in night with the tumbler. Turn it on before leaving so that by the time you are ready to run, pour it and drink it on commute.



These tricks will make you efficient and multi-tasking person. Try to opt some and see the difference. Time managing will reduce your pressure and transform it into lovely mornings.