Top Tip: How to Find Your Signature Perfumes This Summer

Perfumes are used by everyone to attract the near ones or to enhance the looks or beauty. They can make up your mood, can recall your sweet memories or can help you to smell good. Buying the one is very difficult as you can find variety of perfumes. There are many brands to provide you perfumes that will complete your wardrobe. Well the question is that ‘How will you choose the best for yourself?’

Selecting a Scent

There are many factors to consider the best choice. Some scents have floral essence like rose, lily, jasmine and many more while some of them are fruitier like apple or raspberry.  Men’s scents are masculine like them and very heavy. They have musk for the choice, amber or grapefruit. It’s always better to know your category of choice before selecting the best one.

Top 5 Perfumes for Ladies 

Listing the most preferred perfumes which can carry your stunning looks in all occasions. These can be wore anytime or for any party. The list is in order…

1. Calvin Klein Eternity Now

It is with a unique aroma and gives you an attractive identity. This perfume is a combination of floral and romantic. It has a base of cashmere and musk. The fragrance is available in bottles of 30, 50, and 100 ml.

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2. Ralph Lauren Romance

Ralph Lauren is one of the best brands for Indian women. Romance edition is full of love and feeling of joy. This perfume is of different notes and every note has a surprising essence. It has an unique melody of citrus oils to the spicy texture of ginger and the gentle ending of white musk. Ladies, this one is the best to make up a romantic moment.

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3. Chanel Chance Eau Tender 

Chanel presented a fragrance in a cute pink bottle to enhance romance. Chance Eau is the interpretation of floral and fruits. It is available in 50 and 100 ml bottle. The fragrance is liked by many due to the sweet touch of jasmine and cedar.

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4. Burberry

Burberry is the trusted brand of perfume. The fragrance is seductive and hot. The collection of this perfume has vanilla, white almond and green lemon. It is in very reasonable range. I think Burberry is clear choice for daily wear.

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5. Very Irresistible Givenchy

Givenchy modern feminine version has the variance of roses. It is very warm and comfortable to carry; this will charm your mood instantly. Moreover, its soft spicy aroma will make you centre of attraction. The fragrance is long-lasting and moderate.

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Top 5 Cologne for Men

1.  Bleu De Chanel


The woody aroma of exotic ingredients will keep the ladies close to you. It is not too suppressive but more seductive. Bleu De cologne is the one you should have in your wardrobe. The fragrance is long lasting yet casual.

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2. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss no. 6 has the combination of musk and green pair. This Brand has collection but this is unique to stand out among all. It is highly recommended for the men to wear it on your first date to impress the lady. The scent is romantic and casual.

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3. Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce

Fierce is the best woody game changer among all colognes. It has some cinnamon, orange, rosewood and musk loaded in it. The fragrance will give you bold and sensual personality and it is more than enough to attract college girls. The cologne is for every season.

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4. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

This cologne never goes out of style when you are on a haunt of classy yet perfect choice. The fragrance is the combination of sweet texture and masculinity. It is for cool and romantic nature to have memorable time with the woman in spring and summer.

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5. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Polo Blue cologne will help you to buy loads of compliments when you dress it with your outfit. It belongs to the must have category of colognes. The scent has the sense of hot sand and Blue ocean. It is perfect for workplace and relaxed occasions in summer.

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Here is the list of all best perfumes and colognes that will make your day worth remembering. Do try to buy your signature perfume for this summer. I hope you will find this helpful.