Pregnant Outfits for Our to-be Indian Moms!

Getting pregnant is bliss, isn’t it? and it doesn’t matter which country you’re from. Wherever you are, you’re bringing a new life on the earth and you should be proud of it. This is why we are here to talk about some of India’s trending pregnant outfits which will make you the best mom out there in the public.

While women are asked to be extremely careful during pregnancy, let’s accept it that women with a baby bump are the cutest adults we can see out there in the public. I’ve seen two kinds of ladies, one who hide their baby bump with a piece of quilt or a long scarf they are wearing, and the other who proudly and confidently carry that new life which is coming soon.

In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the craziest and trending pregnant outfits that you can wear with confidence and be a proud mom. I still don’t get the reason why some women hide their baby bumps! Anyways, without wasting much time, let me walk you through some of the selected and handpicked pregnant outfits for summer –

Trending Pregnant Outfits to Try –

Pink Luxe Maternity & Nursing Kurta –

Kurtis seems to be the favorite outfit for Indian ladies. From traditional occasions to fancy parties, Kurti has been ruling the cupboards of our ladies. Keeping this in mind here we are with our first recommendation which is cotton viscose kurta with silk look collar design and long sleeves from nursing access and side silts and flatters during and post-pregnancy.

nursing kurta - pregnant outfits
Kurtis can never be out of style and are as dynamic as they can be!

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Blue Nursing Stole –

This is perfect for the ladies who also have an office to attend and at the same time who love pattern works. The blue stole is soft and it’s made out of satin to give you that smooth feel every time you touch. You can try different styles that work well with the stole.

nursing stole - pregnant outfits
Experiment with this blue stole while you decide to go out!

Brown Printed Pregnancy Outfit –

This option right here will add up to your dress collection and probably it’s going to be the best dress you will ever purchase. While you carry yourself in the dress there is someone else coming along with you every time! It’s a 100% cotton dress with a V-neck and three-quartered sleeves. The look is a perfect sync of modern mother and an outlandish lady.

3.	Brown Printed Pregnancy Outfit
Style up with this brown dress exclusively for all the moms out there!

Black MAMA Pleated Dress –

Next on the list of pregnant outfits is coming from the house of H&M. A calf-length pleated dress with long sleeves and a detachable belt at the waist. It is bound to give you the look of a boss lady – if worn with some confidence. Oh! And don’t forget to put on those black stilettoes to complete your boss lady look and slay the streets while you take a walk down the road.

H&M pregnant outfit
The outfit’s coming straight from H&M!

Black MAMA Knit-Dress –

If long length dresses just don’t work well for you, try H&M’s fine-knit black dress. It’s made of 30% polyamide, 70% viscose with a round neckline and long sleeves. You might want to skip buying it during the summertime because it gives you a sweater feel but don’t forget to add it to the wish list because when the winter arrives, you already know where to spend your penny!

pregnant outfits from H&M
H&M takes care of mothers and their dressing style!

Tuscany Polka Maternity & Nursing Wrap MIDI Dress –

 Made with classic polka print, this is a must-have dress while you’re pregnant and if there are a few of the parties lined up during that time. It’s a V-neck with easy nursing access and a belt that can be tied on the side or at the back.

Nursing Wrap MIDI pregnant outfits
Saniya Mirza can’t be wrong when it’s related to fashion!

Olive Green Printed Maxi Dress –

Let’s agree to the fact that printed dresses enhance overall personality and while you’re pregnant, all the eyes and appreciations will be on you. It’s a perfect floral print on viscose rayon with a three-quarter sleeve and woven to make your outings special and trendy.

Printed Pinafore Dress –

If you want to look cute as well as trendy, try this one! Well, baby bump makes you the cutest human and for cute humans, we always have some cute things to offer. This is one of them! A knee-length pinafore dress with shoulder straps made out of cotton material. Don’t forget to put hairbands take to make you look like an adult Pikachu.

pinafore pregnant outfit
Isn’t it cute? Click here to shop it up!

Floral White A-Line Dress –

Some dresses are bound to make you look cute. Not all dresses make you look atrociously hot. Try this one to show your man that apart from being atrociously hot, you can be hell cute. Spruce up this printed white piece for work by layering it with a light sweater and some ballerinas.

A line pregnant outfits
Perhaps the cutest outfit I was able to search!

Floral Printed Fit and Flare Dress –

Spice up your almirah with this black floral fit and flare dress. Though it’s on the list of pregnant outfits, I’m sure it will just raise the bar of boldness and hotness in you. After all, why should only a girl be an example of hot when mothers have everything that can make the game of hotness serious! The outfit is made out of cotton with a V-neck and its above knee length will definitely make people turn their eyes towards you for once.

Summing Up

So, here was our update for all the pregnant ladies out there. We hope to see you out there on the streets killing and slaying with your looks, get up and vibe! These were some of our handpicked pregnant outfits that we thought of sharing. Hopefully next time we will come up with suggestions exclusively for summer-time. Till then, let us see what your wardrobe has got.