Man’s Guide on How to Grow Beard

What can probably be the best sign for a man that he is hitting puberty? It’s not the changes in your voice, height or anything else. Facial hair can excite and entice a man as nothing else can. It’s probably the best gift he can get from his puberty. However, it’s not necessary that the beard will grow as soon as you hit puberty. There are times when men have to settle without a beard even when they are adults. Surprised? Well, that’s the fact!

Today, we will talk about the things necessary to know about how to grow a beard and how men can make sure that they are taking care of their facial hair. While some men choose to be clean shaved, we can’t deny the fact that every man on earth has at least once tried to grow either a beard or a mustache!

The Science Behind Beard –

Before we start talking about ways, tips and tricks on how one can grow a beard, let us try and understand what the science has to say about men’s facial hair.

The younger you are, the longer it may take for the beard to come. The facial hair of men starts growing during puberty. Probably mustache comes first then hair under the chin and then finally facial hair around cheeks.

Some men see their full beard come in when they are in their early 20s. Others have to wait for a longer period of time, maybe till they are 25! There is no strict rule or age for the beard or mustache to pop up.

grow beard

So, what makes facial hair pop up? (sometimes as early as 20 years, sometimes as late as 25 years). The answer lies in genetics and hormones, health and lifestyle.

Beard is largely dependent on testosterone – a hormone in men that is responsible for a man’s appearance and sexual development. From handling sexual drive to building muscles and bone mass, testosterone is the superstar hormone for males.

Men with low testosterone levels have to suffer from poor beard growth. Taking supplements can help, but then again, there are side effects and before taking any supplement, consult a doctor.

There are also shreds of evidence indicating that dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – a byproduct of testosterone responsible for linear hair growth (how fast someone’s beard can grow).

This was a slight tour of the world of science and hormones before we talk about how to grow a beard and how can you make sure that you are taking care of man’s best gift by nature!

How to Grow Beard – Secrets Finally Revealed!

Well, first things first. You can’t change your testosterone level and neither you can pull our facial hair from beneath your skin. It’s about the game of patience and what all you do to nurture it so that when beard comes, it is worth staring and makes you stand out of the crowd.

  • Don’t Forget to Wash and Moisturize –

Don’t wait for your beard to come out and only then you will be careful about your skin. You need to regularly wash and moisturize your skin. By doing so, you will keep your pores open which helps in removing dead skin cells.

grow beard
Remember the mantra – wash and moisturize!

Dead cells act as a blockage for your beard to pop up. So, make sure you are regularly washing your face. Weekly moisturizing will be not less than a magic.

  • Are You Getting Proper Sleep?

Testosterone levels witness a hike during nap times. The longer you are awake, the levels of testosterone are likely to go down. Sleep is essential not only for your beard growth but it’s closely linked with your overall health.

grow beard
Eat – Sleep – Shave – Repeat !!

Let’s not forget the fact that improper sleep cycles will cause big blots under your eyes which are hard to remove once they settle on your skin.

  • What You Eat is Linked with How Much You Grow –

Having a balanced and nutritional diet, not only benefits your growth of beard but your overall body. Ever heard of body mass index (BMI)? It’s crucial to maintain that. Reach out to your nearest gym and talk to a trainer about BMI and you will come to know its relevance.

Here is what a healthy diet tastes like –

  • Chicken and salmon to get lean protein.
  • Liver – to give you iron.
  • Whole grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and tubers.
  • Avocados.
  • Fruits or food items rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E.

There are dual benefits of maintaining a proper and healthy diet. Your entire body gains from the food you eat as well as it’s the available answer and a suggestion to the question ‘how to grow a beard’.

  • Keep Trimming & Stop Looking at Mirror All The Time –

My mother never allowed me to run a razor on my face because running razors or trimming machines actually helps you in growing your beard. Don’t stop trimming once your baby beard comes out.

grow beard
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By continuous trimming, you will not only give them a proper structure, but it will definitely help you in growing the beard you always dreamt of.

  • Exercise –

Sleeping and eating are probably the best exercises when you relate working-out with the growth of a beard. Apart from the two, you can focus on resistance training. Try and come up with a body fat percentage of 8-14% – it’s considered the best for boosting your testosterone. I hope you remember that testosterone level and beard growth are directly correlated?

How to Grow a Beard Which Is Thick?  

This is the dream of every man, isn’t it? Almost every boy has a beard (or a mustache) but making it thick is the real game. That’s what makes them different and handsome and sexy and whatnot.

grow beard
Game is all about getting it right, getting it THICK !!

Everything revolves around your dedication and willingness to increase your natural testosterone level. But if you’re somewhere around your 30s, then you are left with just 2 options – apply minoxidil or get hair implants.

But if you are in your late 20s and you wish to have a thicker beard, you can apply beard oil and see the difference. But don’t forget to do things naturally first and then apply beard oil. Growing a thicker beard is to exercise and increase your testosterone level.

Don’t forget to do regular combing, washing and moisturizing your beard. The more you take care of it, the crazier it will grow for you which is a proven fact. Reach out to anyone who keeps a thick beard and ask them what all do they do to maintain such crazy facial hair. I’m sure they will have a booklet of stories, tips, and tricks to talk about.

Summing Up:

There should be 2 key takeaways after you have gone through the article. First is, you need to have a lot of patience and even before your beard comes out, you need to make your beard feel that you’re taking care of it by regularly moisturizing, washing and eating good things. The second major takeaway is that the growth of the beard is closely linked with your testosterone levels. If you know the answers to how to increase the levels of testosterone in your body, answers of how to grow a beard or how to grow a thick beard are automatically revealed.