What is Keratin Treatment For Hair?

Hair for a human body is a thing for envy and admiration wherever you go. A beautiful looking hair is not everyone’s boon and it is only bestowed on a lucky few. Most of us struggle to cope with our hair every other day. That said, it is high time that we should take care of our hair which nonetheless looks like a bird’s nest.

We are going to discuss about the Keratin treatment for hair. This method of treatment is more related to science than a home remedy. For this instance, let us give it a shot for science. There have been a lot of improvements and developments to improve the condition of hair that led to revolutionary procedures. Keratin Treatment is one such treatment with more success rate. There are many people who had tried this and satisfied with the treatment. Would you want to give a try as well?

Well, here you are! This article is aimed to write and discuss every that you have to know about Ketan Treatment. Read on to know how this treatment can help your hair transform into a silky waterfall that you have always desired.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein that is available in your skin, nails and hair. It can also be found in your internal organs and glands. This protein can also be derived from various animals’ wool, horns and feathers, which can further be used as an ingredient in hair cosmetic surgeries. It is believed that keratin supplements and products can strengthen the hair and make it look healthier.

Benefits and results of Keratin treatment for hair

It is reported that the people who use Keratin feel their hair is more smoother and easier to manage after keratin treatment. The treatment is heavily depended on various factors like the kind of the treatment, natural thickness of the hair and so on. This treatment smoothens the hair cells to form hair strands. Cuticle, technical name for the layers of cells in the hair absorbs keratin resulting in the hair to look glossy and full. It also improves the hair to look less frizzy and makes the hair appear straight.

Keratin treatment: Methods and uses

Here are the methods and uses for keratin treatment for hair

Salon keratin treatment

There is another name for keratin treatment. It is called Brazilian hair straightening. Keratin is like an updated version of the Brazilian hair straightening. This treatment takes more time as it involves several steps. In salon keratin treatment, the treatment begins in home and ends in a salon. We will write about the exact differences between keratin treatment and Brazilian hair straightening later.

Starting with applying formaldehyde to the hair before it is blown dry and then straightened in a salon. After the treatment has begun, you are asked to dry the hair for a certain number of days depending on the hair at the moment. You have to visit the salon to washout the chemicals. Another treatment is applied here to straighten the hair. This whole treatment lasts for around 12 weeks.

Keratin Treatment vs Brazilian Hair Straightening

To begin with, the buzz for Brazilian hair straightening began in the early 2000 around the New York City. Everyone used to love it more than then existent permanent Japanese treatments. It got more fan from the women with curly hair.

This treatment resulted in giving glossy, sleek hair maintaining some of its volume. It also worked fine on colour-treated hair. That treatment lasted for around two to three months.

Whereas the Japanese procedure left you with the stick-straight har for six months, after which the curly hair used to grow back again.

Brazilian treatment craze lasted for a couple of years and people with wavy or curly hair depended on this treatment to get their hair straight. The term Brazilian was sold widely by popular brands and also, they included Brazilian Keratin Treatment in their services.

It was later known that the amount of chemical formaldehyde used in these products were so high. It was even more hazardous for the beauticians who work with the chemicals all the day.

This resulted in the brands changing their marketing strategies later. They replaced the word ‘Brazilian’ and started promoting keratin as part of their marketing campaign. However, all these treatments contain a lot of keratin protein. FDA and other health agencies stopped regulating formaldehyde for hair treatments in the U.S.

keratin treatment for hair

Keratin serums, shampoos and conditioners

It is found that keratin serums, shampoos and conditioners might not make the same claims as a keratin treatment in a salon. But it is said that they make hair the damage-resistant. This means repairing the dried-out hair. If you want to identity the products related to keratin, search for the team “keratin hydro Iysates” in the list of ingredients. In the year 2013, researchers concluded saying that keratin chemical is promising ingredient for people who desire to have stronger hair.

Keratin Supplements

Keratin supplements come in powder and capsule forms. These supplements can be found in any health food store. Keratin supplements are risky if they are overused. They might end up causing too much protein to build up in your body.

Cost of Keratin Treatment For Hair

Keratin is done only by the beauty professionals. The price of keratin treatment depends on your area, the brand of the product that is used for the treatment. On an average, keratin treatments can be done at $300-$800.

There are at-home keratin treatment kits available in some beauty supply stores and pharmacies. But these might look messy if you are using the kit for the first time. For the people who are comfortable with using the kit, you can get the kit for as less as $50.

Risks and Side Effects for Keratin Treatment

As said earlier in the article, the salon keratin treatment contains a large amount of formaldehyde. It was reported in some of the salons that staff in the salons are facing respiratory issues while handling keratin treatment products. The levels of usage of formaldehyde for five times in the national safety standard for chemical exposure. So, pregnant women should be avoided from keratin treatment.

Safety Concerns

However, if you choose to go through keratin treatment, you have to get it done by a specialized beautician. Usage of a hot flat iron could damage your hair. It is highly suggestible to get the treatment done by someone who are familiar and knows exactly what is in the product used in the saloon.

You can spot some of the keratin brands that claim as “formaldehyde-free”, but the tests have proven that these products contain some of the toxin in them. Some amount of formaldehyde is mandatory in the product for keratin treatment. The real question is how much of it is required. An experienced hair stylist knows how much is exactly needed in the treatment that is used on you.

Experts say that danger of side effects is more to the one giving the treatment rather than the one who are getting the treatment.

Keratin pre-treatment

Keratin treatment might not be a good choice for everyone. It is suggestible to check if this treatment suits to your hair or not. Hair stylish experts say that people with curly or fizzy textures are best to undergo keratin treatment and one with the fine and moderately straight hair should stay away from the treatment altogether.

Consult your hairstylist before the treatment starts. This is essential because consulting him/her would help you in getting the right formula that suits best for your hair. Also, enquire about the prices available in accordance with the length of your hair.

Keratin Treatment Procedure So, once you are done with consulting the hairstylist and got the required information, it is time to go for treatment. On an average, keratin treatment lasts for approximately three hours. Following steps are included in the treatment. 

  • Blow-dry to remove all the moisture.
  • Hair Wash (Shampoo but not conditioner)
  • Hair is left to set.
  • Another round of blow-dry, followed by a flat-iron seal in the solution.

With this, the treatment is done and the end result will be a shiny and smooth manageable hair that can last for at least three months. Of course, with a proper care on the hair. Apart from the use of formaldehyde, this treatment doesn’t have any side-effects proven and came under the scanner. This chemical is used in many household products and is rated as not too safe to use. It can cause mild irritation and result in causing infection on the skin and to the eyes. This is the reason why this treatment should be performed by a trained and experienced hair stylist.

Keratin Post-Treatment

Once the treatment is done, investing the time in drying the hair is recommendable. You are not allowed to wash your hair or tie it back with a band for at least 2 days. You have to put some extra efforts to your hair though your hair becomes more manageable post keratin treatment.

For this, stylists usually advise you to use sulfate free formula to shampoo the hair. This chemical would ensure longevity for the hair. For more care on this, consult your hairdresser about the care to be taken post keratin treatment to ensure a silky-smooth hair for a long period of time.

Takeaway – Keratin Treatment

Nonetheless, Keratin Treatment do have a lot of benefits. The hair appears glossier with keratin applying to the hair cuticle. It is very important to understand the chemicals involved in the keratin treatment.

Some people suggest to keep getting the treatment regularly so that the heat damage from processing the hair doesn’t show up. Keratin treatments are toxic for the saloon staff over the time. It is advisable to try a hair product that contains keratin to check if you can see the results that you want on your hair.

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