5 Ways to look after your skin this Summer
Nothing as hot as the Indian summers. The suns rays are composed of the ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B, ultra violet C and the Infrared. All having individual harmful effects on the sun. Here is how you can keep away and protect your skin:


The most important and the most clichéd tip. But, it is cliché for a reason. So important that cannot be told enough. Drink more than the basic requirement of two litres. In summers a lot of water is required for maintaining the appropriate body temperature through sweating, so make sure you make up for that. It is required for detoxifying and balancing the PH levels of body and skin.
If you drink caffeinated beverages, triple the amount of water.



In fact, make best friends with it. Applying it once before leaving the house is not enough. It should accompany you everywhere like your best friend. Apply, reapply, and repeat. A teaspoon is enough for the face. Be mindful of the SPF you use, it will increase according to the exposure time in the sun and the hour of the day. You should keep reapplying every two hours. There is a lot of advanced formula available now which is non sticky and mattifying which not a lot of touch ups for the face.

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You’ve been out in the sun for most part of the day? Forgot reapplying? Forgot applying? Unfortunately the damage is done. You need to soak your body in cool water, take showers, apply lots of moisturizer having aloe-Vera to soothe the skin, put ice packs and drink water to regain your normal skin back. There are a lot of packs and creams available but never forget the cheap and traditional method. You can always try the herbal methods and home remedies too.

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Always step out of home in summer only with a scarf and a pair of oversized sunglasses. The ultra violet rays can be very damaging to the naked eye and skin. Causing brown spots, wrinkles and burns. A layer of summer coats gives protection as only sunscreen may not be enough to filter the harsh rays of the sun. Cover up as much as you skin and use lightweight fabric to avoid suffocating yourself. It should be light and radiating in colour which also makes it easy to carry to places.

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The psoralen in perfumes can permanently strain the skin when they react with the sun. During summertime it is advisable to spray your clothing with fragrance rather than your skin. Using talcum is another option to defy skin problems without compromising on fragrance. Examine your skin for any such spots and reactions because of sprays from your perfume.

These are some of the essentials. Taking a nice dip in water every now and then is our top recommendation too. Also, you don’t want to miss the important showers.

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Thank you! Stay Beautiful!

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