Dreams are like symbols in our unconscious mind. We sometimes remember the common dreams which tend to repeat after sometime. The meaning of these dreams can easily be judged if they were written in common language, but the reality is totally different. Dreams reflect the negative or positive thoughts going in your mind depending on the situation you are in.

Some of the common dreams and what they meant are…

1. Being Chased


It is one of the common dreams which is seen by many creatures. This dream is like you are being chased by someone, commonly by that individual or people from whom you are having threat. If you remember your dream and people in it, try to focus on the ones who were behind you to find the reason that why are they threat to you.

2. Death


Death of a dear one represents change in a good or bad manner. If you have been to one of the sorrow event, then this dream may be the way of connecting you again with those emotions.

3. Falling


It is another common dream. This dream symbolizes the defeat or fall after a success and the fear of letting go. It also reflects the fear in your mind because of the situations you are suffering presently.

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4. Demons


Demons or evils are part of your dream when you analyse that you have done something terribly wrong or you are going with emotions of regret. It is always advisable to bring change in yourself so that you can get rid of these dreams.

5. Money


Money symbolizes self-worth. If you are exchanging money it means you are on a verge to bring or accept change in your real life and if you give money it means you have suffered a great loss.

6. People


People with blank faces or some recognized ones is the reflection of your own psyche. It may give you a glance of your own personality. This dream is to make your realize something important related to a person or you itself. This type of dream is always with different meaning but occur frequently.

7. Roads


You are standing on a road or to make a decision to choose one, this dream shows the direction of your life. Whenever you come across with such kind of dream try to question yourself ‘ whether you are on right path or you need to reconsider the options?’

8. Being Trapped


Being trapped physically is a common nightmare, reflecting your real life situation of tied up with something or inability to escape from something. It also brings you on the platform when you need to think of choices you are about to make or you should make.

9. Vehicles


How much control do you have over your life is the meaning of this dream. Such as if you driving a vehicle and it is going out of control it means you need to settle in your life or if someone is driving that vehicle, this shows that you are under control of that person.

10. Water


Water has many meaning, symbolizing the unconscious mind. Calm water body means inner peace and a deep black ocean means the instability in your life. It is the mirror image of your life in water form.

Explore the meaning of your dream and if needed then try to work on it so that it cannot haunt you again.