5 Travel Outfits That Are Comfortable and Chic

Everybody loves travelling. People go for long or short trips with their family and friends. Before starting to travel there are many things to be considered such as your passport, selecting destinations, looking for suitable accommodations and the list goes on. However, we never think much about the clothes to carry along. But we can’t mix the routine outfits with the outfits for your holiday.

People travel for fun, to explore and to have time off from their busy sedentary life. Then why don’t we have some comfortable yet chic clothes to wear to make your trip more amazing. Well, let me explain and help you with this. Here I would list 5 travel outfits which are more casual and trendy.

1. Shirts or Tops


According to the destination pack one or two t-shirt ( long and half sleeves), a tunic, chambray shirt, a dress tank and boho. These pair of clothes will give you your comfort zone while travelling. Moreover, it takes very less space of bag.

2. Bottoms


Pack four bottoms that can go for entire trip. Denim shorts and jeans, black jeans and ponte pants can be considered as an example. This collection will match all your tops without any doubt.

3. Jackets and Cardigans


Your bag should have two jackets: one light puffed and one field coat, in addition to this get black, brown or grey cardigan which can be combined with any top. Roll the jackets and place them in the corners as this method will help to make more space for other stuff.

4. Accessories


To illustrate accessories one should keep belts, headphones, shades, camera, pair of socks, two purse, one tote, two scarfs, swimsuits and active wear. You should always make a list of these things in advance so that nothing is left behind. To carry list is very useful when planning a long trip.

5. Footwear


Try to have sport shoes and sneakers ready in bag as first priority in this section, then carry flats, boots, sandals and flip flops. Make a pack of all the footwear and seal it properly to place it at the top in the suitcase. It will keep the rest of the stuff intact at their place.

Making long story short, planning the luggage is very important which include comfortable, light and casual clothes. Now plan your trip while remembering these points and collect lots of memories in your best outfits.