Confused How to Spend Days at Home? Here is Our List of To-Do During Lockdown Days!

Let’s face it, this lockdown is getting over and above our nerves. For some days, we were kind of happy to experience a sudden change, but as soon as we got stuck into its monotony, we usually get irritated and we feel like we have not much to do.

But ask yourself, will the present scenario (of staying at home) be back again anytime soon? I’m sure NO! So, let’s spend it wisely and jot down some to-do list during lockdown days!

Is It Necessary to Prepare a To-Do List?

Although you’re just spending time at home which is not a big deal, when the time span expands and when you have to spend more than a month (and more) at home, proper planning becomes necessary.

Can you think of any start-up or a conglomerate that has grown big without drafting what they actually want to do and how? There is no such example! In much the same way, no one can attain peace and enjoy their lockdown days until and unless they know what they want to do and how are they going to spend their days in the house.

Due to this absence of a to-do list during lockdown days, the UN chief announced that there has been a significant increase in domestic violence cases. We hope you’re not contributing towards it.

Men, of the house oblivious about what to do when they can’t step out of the house much. Ladies and children have no clue how to spend time in the 4 walls of their house. Which naturally indicates that they might be seen arguing and fighting over small-small things.

We will not resonate with the fact that domestic violence has increased. Rather, we are here to help you out and make your time in the house as productive, interesting and humble as possible.

Remember, this time will never be back (let’s hope not) and once the lockdown days are over, you might feel that maybe lockdown days were better off (cognitive dissonance).

Without wasting much time, let us take you through some things to do while you are at a house arrest with a hope to make your time memorable, interesting, interactive and worth spending it like that.

To-do during Lockdown Days –

Remove the Dust from Old Albums and Revive Some Memories –

A thick album full of photographs is rare to see during the age of digitization. Now, google drive and electronic albums spaces have taken over the retro style of printed photographs that have the physical touch.

to-do during lockdown
Revive Old Memories While You Have All The Time!

But I’m sure you must be having some of the albums which have very carefully compiled your childhood, memorable trips and other precious moments. Get up, pick up a rag and start dusting them. Then take out all those albums and go through them.

I’m sure nostalgia will hit so hard which cannot be compared to even Chivas!

Clean Your House – Clean Your Mind –

While maids are there to do the stuff, but your house remains yours and I believe that sense of belongingness begins when you take sole responsibility of the place where you’re living (even if it’s a rented place).

to-do during lockdown
Light Dusting every day, Makes Up A Clean House OVerall!

Gear up with your family and clean up the entire house, corner to corner, wall to wall. Who knows, you might as well find some long-lost things that were hidden somewhere behind a dusty pile of newspapers?

Forget Ludo King, Bring out That Ludo Board –

Well, this is one of my favorites to-do during lockdown days! I’m a person who has never played an online version of ludo. I was first introduced to the game when I was 5 years old and since then I’ve been playing ludo and snake and ladder on and off but only on the traditional board.

Here is the deal, assemble in the living room area and sit down on a mat with your loved ones. Play some light music and beat your loved ones in the game (if you’re a champ).

to-do during locakdown
Old is Gold.. Isn’t it?

Do you know the best thing about it? While we play the game, we clearly see each other’s expressions, happiness and irritation (when we beat them) which is a rare sight! At the end of the day, this is a strong factor that enhances your bond with the family.

Have You Forgotten Your Neighbours?

While you didn’t get time from your office so that you can catch up with your neighbors, this might be the best time to do that. Just go outside your balcony, call them up and have a good gala time there.

Know how they are spending their time, talk about things you always wanted to and I’m sure you will not notice time till the sunlight turns into young moon shade.

Reading Has Always Been a Bliss –

My 2nd best to-do during lockdown days. For many of us this might the most boring thing to do, but reading has its own relevance and its own high.

to-do during lockdown
It’s Magic!

Someone who is into reading can read a book even at the most packed places. While time travel is not practically possible, traveling into fantasies is definitely possible while you sit down and flip pages of your books.

Try Your Hands-on Cooking –

If you’re married, I’m sure your wife has always complained that she’s the one who has to struggle in the kitchen all the time. Well, prove her wrong this time!

Just enter into the kitchen and see where you can prove to be helping hand. Doing the dishes is the easiest way to contribute (if you don’t know how to cook).

to-do during lockdown
If You Smell, Something Great Is Cooking!

Then you have YouTube – a perfect place to see how are others cooking and what comes up after grilling, frying and chopping things! Save those videos and with some help, I’m sure you can come up with the same dish at home.

Avoid Watching News for More than 30 Minutes –

News channels are a great source of negativity. While they scare you, your subconscious mind gets irritated because it has got no reason to feel happy.

Television has a plethora of other stuff that contributes towards light entertainment. While news definitely helps you in knowing what’s going on you, you should be extremely careful about what you are watching.

The more negative things you read, hear and see, the more negative you become a person!

Summing Up:

So, this was our slight contribution towards making your lockdown days interesting and worth spending. While there is a plethora of other things-to-do during lockdown days, we don’t want to write them down just to make it look like a big list.

I’m sure even if you pick up 1 thing and move ahead, you will be a much-sorted person. Let’s not contribute towards domestic violence, let’s just contribute towards spending time as peacefully and as productively as possible.

Ps. Don’t forget to try your hands-on being a hairdresser at home!