Homemade Gym – DIY Ideas For Uninterrupted Workout

While companies are allowing employees working from home, instead of Dominos pizzas we are having homemade pizzas, but what about our workout? We can’t bring barbells, dumbbells and other expensive equipment, but that doesn’t mean our workout will be stopped.

I’m sure you have heard about DIY (Do It Yourself) and with this post, we are raising the bar of DIYs. We will take you through some exciting DIYs that help you build your homemade gym.

After going through the list I’m sure you will realize that the only thing which is stopping you from opening your own homemade gym is the carpet area of the house and your unwillingness to build up your homemade gym.

Before going any further, make sure you have a proper weighing machine so that when you’re done with making a barbell or dumbbell, you can weigh them so as to save from improper measurements.

DIY Ideas for Your Homemade Gym –

Sandbag Weights –

If you’re into cross-fitness and you miss hitting the area, I’m sure this one will be a savage! All you need is a strong shipping bag which can hold the weight (probably rise or a sugar bag) a strong rope to hold it, duct tape and lots and lots of sand!

homemade gym sandbags
Sandbags are as homely as you can imagine!
  • Fill the sacks with sand till the time you get the desired weight.
  • Tie a loop at the top of the sack.
  • Use a rope to tie and prevent the sack from opening.

Concrete Weights –

Let’s call them homemade dumbbells! To make your own dumbbells all you need is a mold of the weight shape, PVC pipe and lots of cement (in case you decide to make dumbbells of different weights).

homemade gym dumbbell
Cement can be useful in many ways!

Concrete is not as strong as compared to the metal plate but concrete has high compression strength and it will not break the cement for some time. But avoid throwing the dumbbells like the way you do in a gym after testing your strengths.

Mini Weights –

Let’s be honest, we don’t always need heavy weight training. If you’re a starter or if you’re a female as well as a gym enthusiast, mini weights can be helpful in many ways. As a starter, you definitely need mini weights but as a pro too, you can utilize mini weights so give your workout a kick start!

homemade gym - mini weight
Some lightweights to boost your workout sessions!

Here is a tutorial that shows how you can build mini weights that make up your homemade gym equipment! Mini weights are awesome for people who want to slightly increase their weight of lifting during the workout but they usually don’t find that ‘slight increase’ in the gym!

Homemade barbell –

Workouts are incomplete without a barbell, isn’t it? Be it adding strength to your shoulders, or thighs, almost every part of your body needs a barbell. Let’s see how can we make crazy barbells at home.

homemade gym - barbells
A wise way to utilize plastic!

Here are the things you’ll be needing to make your barbells –

  • 2 plastic gallons – if they are of the water container, it’ll be awesome!
  • 1 metal pole or a bamboo stick and lots of water.

As per your requirements of lifting weight, water the empty containers and seal pack them. Then carefully fix the bamboo or any rod that you manage to get and fix the contains in its 2 ends.

And you’re done! Now just imagine tons of exercises you can do with barbells by your side. Don’t forget to name a few in the comments section.

Medicine Ball –

Medicine ball workout mixes cardio and resistance moves to help you build strength and cut down fat. This item is probably the easiest to make. All you need is a basketball, probably an M-seal and lots and lots of sand.

Once you’re done, you can do these 10 workouts at home!

And you’re done! These were some easiest equipment which you can make at home without much of shopping. What else a basic gym requires? Benches, some weights, dumbbells and barbells, and you’re done!

And with these 5 things, your homemade gym is ready. Don’t forget to name it and post it on social media!

Summing Up:

Not working out because the gym is closed is just a reason for getting away with it and laziness. While you have all the reasons for not working out, we have all the reasons to make you resume yours. With the list above, you will be able to make your homemade gym as well as spend time in some amazing productive activities. If you come up with your homemade gym, don’t forget to share your snaps with us.