5 Yoga Poses For Your Next Outdoor Training Session

Yoga is every famous if someone wants to follow healthy routine. It helps to reduce weight or meditating our body and mind. The poses benefits mind and body, including other benefits like giving strength and flexibility, stress relief and even cures many diseases.

At present days people prefer yoga over gym for fit and healthy body. Here are 5 poses with their names and benefits…

1.Standing Forward Fold Pose


This pose is a forward bending pose which helps the body to relax from stress and anxiety. With the position of arms, it provides deep shoulder stretch.  By binding the hands, it allows arms to stretch and tighten shoulders to relax. Also give some blood back to brain while stretching the legs.

2. Bound Angle Pose


This pose is for beginners, it helps the hips to open up and ease sciatica discomfort which gets worse due to sitting habit for long time. The sciatica nerves starts from lower back and runs down both the legs and people suffer with pain when these nerves is somehow compressed. Long commute and long hours sitting worsen the situation.

3. Lord of the Dance Pose


This pose is perfect for men and women. It helps to improve the balance of body and increase concentration and also strengthens the bones and muscles of hips, thighs and chest. It reduces weight and improves our posture and balance.

4. Tree Pose


This pose is part of the Surya Namaskar session. It can be best practiced in open air, early in the morning as the name suggests. Trees like to receive the open fresh air and sunlight in the morning. It helps for proper balance and concentration. You need to stand straight on one feet and other need to be locked above the knee and hands up straight in prayer pose.

5. Bound Hands Ear-pressure Fierce Pose


This has many benefits, it strengthens the thighs and glutes, stretches the chest, lower back and shoulder. It is recommended to practice this pose with extreme care if you are suffering from any spine, knee, ankle or shoulder injury.

Enhance personal power by practicing these poses to stay healthy and fit.