Beginner’s Guide – How to Cut Hair at Home

How easy it is to reach out to your nearest barbershop and get a cool and nice haircut? But what about the days when streets are overtaken by some pandemic disease and people are scared to take a walk openly?

While sitting at a barbershop you might think its quite easy to chop and trim hair but trust me it isn’t that easy. Especially if you decide to cut hair at home!

No blog or an article can teach you how to cut hair at home, but with this piece of writing, we try and tell you how you do it smoothly. But first things first, dos and don’ts while you cut hair at home.

What to Do –

It takes a lot of critical thinking and gut gathering when you choose to cut hair at home. One single mistake can ruin your weeks. But here is the good news! For 21 days we are locked in our homes which means we have ample time to cover our mistakes (if we commit any).

cut hair home

So, here are quick things that you need to keep in mind while you decide to cut hair at home.

Have a clear mirror –

Before running scissors over your head, make sure your mirror looks clean. While you cut hair at home, the mirror is your only eye! Before sitting for a haircut, make sure to wipe the mirror with a clean cloth. Also, be very sure that the mirror is viewable while you sit and cut hair.

Home Scissors Don’t Work Here –

Some might say that scissors are scissors but then, you’re not cutting a paper or any material, you’re trying to trim your hair. And scissors are different for haircuts.

Have you noticed barbers holding their scissors? From gripping to length and sharpness everything is probably different here. So, don’t forget to buy a kit before you make your mind to cut hair at home with your normal scissors!

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Always Have Someone Around You –

You’re not a pro, right? And 2 minds are always better than 1. While you might decide to take up this challenge, but then you’ve got to have someone around you to keep telling you about how things are going.

Have you checked the video where Anushka Sharma decides to cut Virat Kholi’s hair? It’s funny, lovely and at the same time, it clearly tells why you should always have someone around you while you decide to cut hair at home.

cut hair home
Virat’s Haircut by Anushka

First Watch Then Do –

If it’s your first time, then don’t just start things out of excitement. Rather take out some time and browse the web for some tutorials coming from professionals and telling some key points to remember while you cut hair at home.

Here are some cool tutorials that we’ve found for you. Watch out!

For men

Quick Guide!

How to buzz cut your hair using trimmer!

Don’t forget to watch this one!

For Women –

10 different ways to stylize your hair at home!

What Not to Do –

Here is the part you need to read and re-read! Why? Well, it’s because one slight mistake and symmetry of your haircut will go wrong. And for the rest of the time, you’ll probably need to wear a cap to hide your mistakes.

Cut Less Than You Think You Need To

You can always take more hair off but you can’t add back what you’ve chopped off right? If you’re cutting your wet hair, remember it will look even shorter once it dries.

Have Everything By Your Side –

Before trimming and chopping, make sure you have everything which adds to a complete haircut. Getting up, again and again, will definitely distract you and you might lose track where you were while you went into your room to get a comb.

Summing Up:

Haircut for men is entirely different from that of a lady’s haircut. If I was to compare man and lady’s haircut at home, I’ll say men can cut hair at home with ease as compared to women.

One again doesn’t forget to watch tutorials first and then convince your spouse or a family member to be your assistant while you become a barber for yourself.

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