White Magic

John Galliano said’ The Joy of dressing is an art’ And I couldn’t agree more this! Fashion, styling, is an art, something which we can create every single day when we decide to dress up and show ourselves in this world. But in this fast-paced life, the art of fashion has mostly turned to being slaves to fashion trends. We keep changing our wardrobe, with every issue of a fashion magazine. Where is the art, the sense of creativity here? And that is why I decided to come up with a blog where I can create my own fashion statement by raiding my wardrobe. I have this beautiful white maxi skirt, it has been with me for many years now, and I have worn it in zillion different ways, each time I wear this, I create a new ensemble and today I’ll be sharing my four favorite ones.

1 – As It Is

This is a very comfortable, (sporty) ensemble, for all you girls out there who like it stylish yet manageable. I wore my gym-top with a belt, my favorite bright blue sneakers to add a splash of color to the white and of course, we all love sneakers! You can create your own ensemble with crop tops, jackets or hi-low hemline tops. Those who like an ethnic twist go with a blouse and dupatta. There are plenty ways, go ahead..try them, create your own statement!

as it is

Skirt-Mango| Top-Adidas| Sneakers-Puma

2 – High-Low

Now this one is out of the box, I wore it as a skirt itself, but altered with its hemline! Took one side of the slit and tucked it in, and there, I got this uneven hemline skirt. I chose a black spaghetti top with a knotted shirt. You can go with any top on this as long as it’s short in length so that the skirt is emphasized!
I wore these subdued but over sized earrings, which blends with the attire. Similarly, my footwear was chosen to blend, as I didn’t want anything else to take the attention away from the skirt!

high low

Black spaghetti-Jockey| Shirt-Mineral |Earrings-street shopping(Goa)

3 – Jacket up

Skirt into a tube dress, how? Just pull it up! Throw a blazer or a jacket on it and you are good to go! For adding some definition to the dress, I chose a belt. I kept the feminine touch with the statement necklace and wedges. You can definitely go the more comfortable, tomboy kind a look with a short sweat-shirt and a pair of sneakers!


Jacket-Jack&Jones | necklace-street shopping(Goa) | Wedges-Gossip

4 – Oh so stylish!

When you want all eyes on you, this is that glamorous look!! ( Got the point?!) So I wrapped a blue long shrug around me with a belt to hold it in place and then I wore this skirt in a high waist manner to give the illusion of a one piece dress! It’s a show-stopper look for all you girls out there! Play around with your accessories!

oh so

Shrug-All about you | Choker-Myntra

Hope you enjoyed, my four different looks with my white skirt! Go ahead girls, raid your wardrobe, create fashion and wear your own style!

This article is by Anshu tiwary

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