7 Days a Week – 7 Ways to Tie Scarf!

While being ‘manly’ carries subjective meanings, there are things/accessories and traits that have always been manly. Scarves are amongst those accessories! If you think that a scarf looks good on a woman and it’s made for them majorly, you’re probably wrong. Men with scarves have always been a center of attraction for ladies.

This is why tying a scarf is something that needs to be considered. There are no hard and fast rules or there is not one defined procedure to do that. All we need to do is come with a perfect knot with your scarf and then see the difference. Here is your easy guide on how to tie a scarf.

Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf – 1 Style a Day!

To tie a scarf, it’s not necessary to tie the same old knot or by adjusting it in the easiest ways. Why not experiment here and see which one suits you the best? One great thing about scarves is that you can wear it any occasion, just be careful with the color, material and of course how you tie a scarf

Drape Style –

If you like to wear coats, then scarves are a must! Scarves in a drape style enhance the color of your overcoat. While the year gets cold and you take out your overcoat, don’t forget to scarf-up this way!


Once Around –

Scarves stuffed up like once around helps you to have a warm neck during the chill season. However, you don’t tie a scarf if you’re trying this style.

Start by draping the scarf around your neck, making one end longer the other. Take the longer end and bring it around your neck and you’re done!

once around

Over Hand –

Drape the scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other. Take the long end and cross it over the short end then bring it under and through the opening near your neck to tie.

Overhand scarves not only comfort your neck but they are also clean and simple to style it.

over head

Reverse Scarf Drape –

You don’t really tie a scarf here; you just play with it delicately and make it the crown around your neck.

Drape the scarf over your neck with both ends equal this time. Then take one end of the scarf and bring it across your neck and over the opposite shoulder, then do the same with the other side. No need to tie the scarf here.

tie scarf - reverse drape

Persian Knot Scarf –

Fold your scarf in half widthwise then fold in half again lengthwise. Drape the scarf over your neck and then bring the loose ends through the hole formed by the folded end to tie the knot. Then adjust its tightness around your neck and you’re good to go!

tie scarf - Persian knot

Fake Knot –

Perhaps one of the most complicated ways to tie a scarf. This is why we have kept it down on the list, so spend your Friday evening understanding this part so that the next day you have one reason to flaunt your style.

Drape the scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other. Take the longer end and bring it behind and around itself to make it a loop, then take the end down and through the loop.

Grab the other end of the scarf and bring it down and through the loop as well to tie the knot. Work the knot up to your neck by gently pulling on each end of the scarf while sliding the knot up.

tie scarf - fake knot

Twice Around –

Just like fake know, this style of scarf is one of the best choices for freezing weather and to manage a longer scarf.

Drape the scarf over your neck with one end longer than the other. Take the long end of the scarf and wrap it around your neck, then repeat again, bringing it around your neck a second time. The is another way where you really don’t tie a scarf rather its experimented in the most decent ways to give you the manly look you’ve always wanted to have.

tie scarf - twice around

Summing Up:

So here were some ways to tie a scarf and make it synchronize with your overall style. While there are many other ways, but we don’t want to flood the ways in a single post and leave you confused with which way to try first and which one to try later on.

Fascinating isn’t it? How a simple piece of cloth can be worn in different styles! After you’ve learned how to tie a scarf, don’t forget to check some really cool scarves collection here:

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