Holi is the most colourful event of the year that brings about joy and happiness of its own. Most girls have a huge discussion before Holi every year, at the end of which they decide which of their old clothes they can spare. Then they pick out their most disposable old clothes and celebrate Holi wearing them.

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But why go with the same old-style Holi dress when there is so much more to explore and try out? Outfit trends will bring a complete guide in this post on how to dress up for the Holi festival, and what Holi outfits to wear. The clothes you wear must not merely be old and ready to discard. You must ensure that you wear the right clothes for Holi. This is because, if you are not comfortable in the clothes you are wearing then you will not be able to celebrate properly.

What to wear for holi?

  • You must never wear body-hugging clothes if you are going to play with water. When your clothes get wet they stick to you and it might look very vulgar.
  • Similarly, it is not advisable to wear dark-coloured clothes for Holi. This is mainly because it is against the tradition.
  • White and light colours allow the vibrancy of Holi colours to reflect properly.
    If you want to celebrate Holi with a lot of zest pick out the right clothes.
  • Women should avoid transparent, clingy clothes. You don’t want to spoil your mood by attracting unwanted attention at a Holi party.
  • The best advice for women is to make sure that you wear a proper inner which does not get see-through when you get wet. Dress sensibly so that you can enjoy and have a good time!

Here are some suggestions about what clothes to wear and how to style for Holi :

1. Jeans

A pair of old rugged jeans is the the most comfy thing to wear when you are going to get wet. Jeans are heavy so they don’t look bad when they are wet. Moreover, they also protect your legs from absorbing too much colour.

2. White T-Shirt

White T-shirts are the best for Holi. This is because all the colours reflect nicely on white. Wear a well-fitting white T-shirt with capris, jeans or salwar. You can also go with a white kurta for Holi.

3. Hot Pants

Hot Pants or Shorts are ideal not only for summer but also a suitable for Holi celebrations. Holi celebrations are just about having fun with friends, family and relatives. Shorts and a plain tee shirt can be ideal fashion tips for women as it makes you look trendy and gives you a comfortable feel.

4. Cotton Dress

Always wear comfortably fitting cotton dresses for Holi. Firstly, it is sweltering around this time so cotton keeps you cool. Moreover, a dress is not tight at your waist after getting wet.

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5. White Salwar Kameez

A white salwar kameez is the textbook style. You may have heroines from many famous Bollywood movies wearing white salwar kameez. You remain covered and therefore protected from Holi colours in a salwar kameez.

6. Kurti

A kurti with jeans is the best possible outfit. You look stylish and also remain comfortable. If you don’t want your bosom to become prominent after playing Holi, just drape a dupatta over the kurti.

7. Harem Pants Cotton

Harem pants look fashionable and are also very stylish. These harem pants can be worn with a kurti or a top easily.

8. Avoid unwanted attention

Women should avoid transparent, clingy clothes. You don’t want to spoil your mood by attracting unwanted attention at a Holi party. Dress sensibly so that you can enjoy and have a good time!

9. The footwear

Wear rubber bathroom or Hawaii chappals and not leather footwear as they get soaked in water and may give in. If you have sensitive skin it is best to cover yourself as much as you can. Wear a full-sleeved t-shirt or shirts that cover your arms fully.

10. White and light colours

Wear white or light clothes if possible as the colours of Holi are best showcased in white. Also it is best to wear something old and worn out so you do not regret getting spoilt.

11. Holi Make-up Idea

Though there is a widely held concept that there’s no need for make-up on Holi since it gets spoiled anyway, this is not true. Make-up is more important on this day than any other function as it will help protect your skin from the dangerous chemicals in the colours. So use waterproof make-up, especially as a base and eye make-up, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face and all visible body parts. Bold eyes will enhance your looks even after you have been covered in colours. 

12. Jewellery

Don’t ever wear your precious or expensive jewellery on Holi as it might get ruined. Instead, try going for the cheaper yet funky jewellery available almost everywhere. If you are wearing a traditional dress, try some jhumkas as they seem to be made for the occasion and are available in so many eye-catching designs and colours. For a Western look, you could go for bracelets, earcuffs, rings or necklaces. But try to keep minimal accessories as much as you can.

Hope this article will help you.