Have You Tried These Long-Lasting Perfumes for Men?

Answer to the question of how to smell good lies in how serious you are about your hygiene as well as your choice of perfumes (or deodorants). In this article, we will take you through some of the crazy perfumes for men which are manly, full of fragrance, and long-lasting.

Now you must be wondering why perfumes and why not deodorants? While both have the same purpose, there is a slight difference between the two. Maybe next time we will come up with a list deodorant as well. Let’s first try and understand what is the difference between a perfume and a deodorant.

Perfumes Vs Deodorants –

Perfumes are fragrances that are high on essential oils, water, and alcohol. We usually spray deodorants directly on the body while perfumes are preferred to be sprayed on the clothes.

Perfumes contain 15-25% fragrance oil in concentrated alcohol and it’s more expensive than deodorants. You might use deodorant on a daily basis but when it comes to perfumes, you might not use it regularly because its sprayed in clothes, the fragrance wouldn’t fade away.

Deodorants are basically those fragrance products that are applied to the body to alter body odor due to bacterial growth. They play a vital role in removing the smell linked to the bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits majorly. They usually contain 10-15% solution of fragrance oil and mild alcohol.

While both serve the same purpose – to give you a pleasant and long-lasting smell. Perfumes are preferred to be sprayed on the clothes and deodorants are to be sprayed directly on the body.

Perfumes for Men – The List –

Now that we know what’s the difference between the two, we have searched the internet to present some of the best trending perfumes for men which will give you the manly feel you always wanted.

One suggestion we would give is that, don’t stick to one fragrance, keep experimenting, and have at least 2-3 options with you. While we give you suggestions, it’s you who is to decide which fragrance is suitable for official outings and which one is the best for party-time evenings.

1. Eau de Toilette | GI –

This one is coming from the house of The Man Company. It’s tangy, fresh, and has the right amount of aroma to make you feel confident. It comes in a nicely presentable sleek black bottle which is as attractive as its fragrance is. The fragrance has a combination of grapefruit, fruity fragrance, and patchouli.

2. Davidoff – Cool Water –

List of perfumes for men is incomplete if we don’t include Davidoff – a brand that is inclined towards men’s needs ranging from strong coffee beans, cigarettes to classic perfumes. Davidoff’s Cool Water fragrance is the synonym of freshness with handpicked green mandarin from Brazil.

Handpicked citrus was harvested by a community in the Vale Do Ca in Brazil, as a part of a sustainable sourcing partnership monitored by Davidoff. The scent unfolds into oriental notes of coconut water blended with the sensuality of amber. The time you see its blueish bottle, you will fall in love with the brand and by the time you sniff the smell, you will be all ready to grab the bottle.

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3. Calvin Klein One –

This one is specially crafted for summertime with CK One Summer 2019. If we talk about the smell, then it oozes out island blue lagoon fragrance to create a scent that bright and refreshing at the same time. CK’s One perfume is not very sophisticated from its appearance but they have diverted all their labor to come up with a fragrance which is long-lasting and perfect fit during summertime.

4. Nike Up or Down –

If it’s coming from the house of Nike its already understood that it should be a perfect blend of trend, refreshment, energizing, and something unique. Nike’s Up or Down is specially crafted for men enriched with skin-friendly ingredients which keeps you fresh, clean, and dry the entire day.

5. Nike Man Edt Perfume –

Another classic perfume for men comes in a black packing to let your eyes stay on the bottle for a while before you fall in love with its refreshing smell. Nike man has such a strong smell that will linger in your body for the entire day while you decide to be focused in all the manly things for the rest of the day.

6. Jaguar Men Classic Black Eau De Toilette –

There is something crazy about men and the black color. Which is why we drool over things that come in black. Jaguar – a well-known brand for rolling out luxury cars also knows well about the kind of smell its riders crave for. It comes with a certificate of authenticity to save you from the counterfeits and ensures to give you the woody fragrance which is long-lasting.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Men Cologne Spray –

What’s the best way to know if the perfume would do well before you decide to grab it? It’s looking for reviews. I’m not a Tommy fan but after getting this perfume, I know that their fragrance game is strong. It comes in a nice and sleek bottle which ensures sweet vanilla and milk compose that makes up its base. Although the perfume remains for roughly 3-4 hours, the fragrance it oozes out is something irresistible for people not to appreciate and ask for the fragrance.

8. Police – Icon

This is my personal favorite. One of my friends gifted me this and I was astounded by its amazing look of the bottle. It makes you feel that there is a sleek crystal kept on your dressing table.

As much as its unique from the outside, it also has a classy, unique and strong smell.

9. David Beckham – Man Classic Blue Eau De Toilette –

While some call it a mild scent, some call it strong, all in all, David Beckham contains a fruity smell with a careful blend of grapefruit, pineapple, violet leaves, geranium, apple, cashmere. Some perfumes just write classic behind their product, but this specific bottle is definitely a classic which is ought to give you a fruity fragrance.

DAVID BECKHAM Men Classic Blue
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10. Police – Men to Be Tattoo art Eau De Toilette –

When it’s about the beauty of the bottle, I guess this brand is unbeatable. Some of its products are crustal forms while this specific perfume comes in a skull-shaped bottle. You’ve had rum in a skull-shaped bottle, now you have a skull which is full of crazy fragrance as well.

It’s an elegant blend of cardamom and blackcurrant with a base of Amberwood and Tonka beans. If you’re looking for some mild perfume with a floral fragrance, then it’s a must-have product on your shelf.

Police Men To Be Tattooart
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11. Archies –

If you’re thinking that Archies is all about gifts and softcore perfumes for ladies, you’re probably wrong. DB Perfume comes with a set of 2 bottles – a perfume bottle and a deodorant.

It’s carefully mixed with rosewood, cardamom, Chinese paper, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka beans, and amber. With such a perfect combination, DB perfumes ooze out a strong and woody fragrance which will definitely make other people ask about the perfume you have been spraying lately.

12. Dolce & Gabbana Men Light Blue Intense Parfum –

It’s an outrageous fragrance for modern men coming from the house of Dolce and Gabbana. The aroma of this fragrance captures the life of the Mediterranean. To grab this perfume for men you probably have to spend a few more pennies out of all the perfumes we shared with you.

Dolce & Gabbana Mens Light Blue
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13. Ustraa Cologne –

I hope you’ve not forgotten the very first brand that popped with an exclusive range of beard essentials? The company just made the manly game more serious with its range of fragrances for men.

Ammunition is a fresh and pleasant but intense perfume for men. It’s made up of plum, violet, sage middle, cedar, vetiver, paprika with sandalwood, oak, and spice as its base.

Ustraa Cologne - Ammunition
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Summing Up:

So, these were some perfumes for men that we thought of sharing with you. From expensive to moderately budgeted one, we have covered almost all kinds of perfumes.

Don’t forget to keep your options open when you shop for them. Have at least 2-3 different kinds of fragrances so that you know which ones suit your personality. Go ahead and take down the summer heat with these classy perfumes!