Holi is the festival of colors in India. People have their myriad ways to celebrate the tradition, such as having bhang with friends, enjoying sweet gujiyas and most amazing is playing with vibrant colors or also known as gulal. Earlier these colors were made from herbs and natural spring flowers. But with the passage of time the chemical and dyes industry started making the artificial gulals. The present colors can cause some serious damage if not taken proper care.

Holi Celebration Outfit Ideas

Now I would like to help you with few suggestions to make your holi happy and safe. These products are to be used before or after playing with holi colors as per the direction given here….

1. Moisturizing Cream


The harmful chemicals used in colors can make your skin dry or can even be the reason for skin irritation. Before going out to play with these colors try to apply the cream in adequate amount on your arms or the skin which is not covered. This will prevent your skin from direct contact with the colors and will help to maintain the softness of your skin. Always remember to apply it later after removing the color for better results.

2. Sunscreen Lotion 


Use the waterproof sunscreen lotion to avoid the severe tan. Your face will be exposed to sun and with ample of color on it which will lead to sun burn, so in order to stay away from such situation use the cream.

3. Coconut Oil


The harsh colors cause damage to hairs and scalp. It is better to use coconut oil for your hairs because it will keep your head cool, prevent the shine of your hairs and would avoid itching.

4. Shampoo and Conditioner


Select the hair products very carefully, the shampoo and conditioner which are mild that is they are not chemically harsh. As the hard products will add up with the colors and can result in to itchiness or even dry hairs.

5. Lip Balm


For your lips you can use lip balm to keep them moisturized throughout. This will leave them smooth and soft for a long time.

6. Vaseline


Using vaseline under your nails is also advisable. Dry skin causes the pores to open wide; keeping them tinted and moisturized will do you good.

All in all, I hope these products would help you to have fun loving Holi.